Brooke (Rainey) Morgan

Brooke (Rainey) Morgan is a wife, mother, photographer, designer and artist. She loves working with children and would rather chases them around a field than have them sit in a studio for a photo shoot. She grew up on a small farm in Middle Tennessee and nature is her primary  backdrop. 

"I really try to capture a personality rather than take a person's picture," Brooke said. "I love kids. They are so funny. I love to laugh with them."

Words that describe Brooke's photography style







Things you don’t know about Brooke:

Dolly is her idol.

She met Dolly.

She made coffee for Southern Living magazine. 

It’s called an internship.

She tried hot yoga. She passed out during the class.

She’ll thinks you should “It’s All Over but the Shoutin’” by Rick Bragg

You really should.

She worked with nuns and never once cracked a joke about “habits” even though it was hard.

At the bottom:

Brooke doesn’t take herself too seriously, and her friends love that about her. 


Here’s Brooke, the girl Dolly Parton calls Brooke Witherspoon. No, really! She does! That’s completely ironic, because back when Lis and I were convinced we should write a movie of our lives, we totally thought Reese Witherspoon should be our Brooke.
Dolly, whom Brooke met on a photo shoot, agrees.
— Brooke's best friend

Brooke's baby

Brooke captured this moment with her husband and newborn


That moment when

Sometimes the outtakes of a photo shoot are the best moments on film ... or at least the ones that make you laugh the most!

Brooke has traveled to destination weddings to photograph the special day for couples. Now, as a mom, she stays closer to home.

But her work shows how well she captures memories.